Anti-Ligature Disclaimer

The object of Con-Serv Corporation Pty Ltd (Con-Serv) in the design and testing and ongoing refinement of our anti-ligature product(s) is to reduce the risk of ligature attachment to these products that may result in serious harm or even death. We take all reasonable care in the design of our anti-ligature products but even so, our anti-ligature products, in respect of usage of or in conjunction with those products, will not and are not intended to:

    - prevent or mitigate risks that could not be reasonably known to us at the time of the design of the product(s).
    - displace or replace necessary other protective measures necessary in the specific circumstances of usage;
    - replace the necessity for supervision of any persons who may be at risk;

Con-Serv makes no representations or warranties that any of its products are completely free from ligature attachment. Con-Serv will not be liable for any claims, loss, or damages arising from ligature attachment on any of Con-Serv’s products. It is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that any Con-Serv products purchased and installed are suitable for the environments and usage for which they are installed, and appropriate risk management measures (including supervision of at-risk persons) are in place and utilised.


Terminology: When we use the terms “anti-ligature product” or “ligature resistant product”, we are referring to our products that are designed with the purpose of preventing or reducing the risk of ligature attachment to the product so as to minimise the risk of self-harm.  There is no accepted industry or legal definition of such products.


Con-Serv has taken all reasonable care in creating this document, but the products and other information provided are indicative only and should not be relied upon without our prior consultation with us. As Con-Serv is continuously developing its products, we do reserve the right to alter product details and specifications without notice.